Graduate Student Movement

Who we are

We are the graduate student movement of Cru at the University of Minnesota. We love the academy, find the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth to be satisfying and true, and look to Him as the beautiful hope of the world. We exist to help every grad student at the U of M embrace and deeply experience the gospel in their life, relationships, and calling as a scholar.

What we do

We work for the day when the gospel comes within arm’s reach of every grad student on campus so that we can help the gospel come within arm’s reach of every person on the planet. To see that happen we focus on building communities of grad students where the following three priority take place.


We believe that Jesus is incomprehensibly magnificent, and we invite grad students to know Him. We want to give every grad student the opportunity to explore the impact of the gospel in their friends’ lives and the hope of the gospel for their own life.


We want grad students to thrive in grad school, not just survive. So, we invest in their lives to help them encounter the gospel deeply transforming and shaping their life, relationships, and the calling God has given them as grad students.


Whether they are going across the world to another nation or across the country to another university or across the hall to another grad student’s office or the classroom, we equip and mobilize grad students to take the hope of Christ with them and into the lives of those they meet.


We would love to hear from you and serve you in any way that we can. Email David at